Taking Data to the Next Level

Vizualize your business growth with customized
data science solutions.

Applied Data Science
Solutions is Our Art

Data Science is a broad term, encompassing basic data manipulation, statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The team at Echelon DS have the experience to provide a scorecard-based assessment of the current systems and architecture and recommend the data science service that would provide the most benefits in a cost-effective manner.

We Deliver More
Than a Model

A lot of companies don’t have the technical and data science capabilities to implement data modeling, however many businesses understand the need. Echelon DS serves as a bridge to scale your data science team by building models that can be managed by developers while the company scales.

Partnership is
Our Goal

Echelon DS builds applications that can be adopted and managed by clients, but we understand that hiring roadmaps and growth plans don’t always align. When in-house support of a machine learning model or application isn’t an option, Echelon DS has the capacity to partner with your team to ensure the continuity is not lost.